19:27, Saturday, Mar. 04, 2023

Hello! I randomly dug up some old entries to read from over a decade ago. They were just as I expected - immature, ranty, young; but also not - I read things I couldn't even remember happening, feelings I can only vaguely remember feeling, reminders of the person I used to be, and sprinkles of surprisingly profound words.

I feel like I need to get in touch with who I used to be, remember those feelings I had when I had so many dreams and goals. I feel like adulthood and work has just erased any creative bone I had in my body. But I have so much time and freedom now, to do all those things I wished I could afford doing when I was younger. So why aren't I doing them?

It's just hard to find enjoyment in those things anymore. But I feel like it's important, to have those little things with you, to get you through the day.

I've decided that's going to be one of my goals for this year.

Tarot card of the day - 6 of cups

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